Saturday, October 13, 2007

podcastpaul podcast 163 - grown up music

Download the show MP3 here - podcastpaul 163 12th October 2007

Podcastpaul podcast no163 12th October 2007
Nathan Wiley - Bride on Fire from Nova Scotia
Not 'butt on fire'
It's all go tomorrow with the Rugby - Come on England!
Hard, hard week Does life get tougher as you get older?!
Estelle Kokot - see you on Sunday - very Norah Jones- gorgeous, gorgeous voice
Is scat making a come back? Christian and I love how corny it is...
Sinister Dexter - Chasing the Clouds away. This grew on me - love the instrumenation, didn't like the vocal, I think I do now.....
What do you get if you cross Karen Carpenter, the Beatles and Dusty Springfield? Lovely run down, great spangly telecaster ... Bobby Blue - If Weird, weird influences!
Time for some blues - Blues for Stevie G; Paul Rose from his album; Promises.
The Last goodbye - Aaron Well, not quite!
Heather Sullivan - Stronger from California, I think she's a country and Western Annie Lennox, is there such a thing? -
What's with the show today? All the music is very grown up! All music today is from the podsafe music network, save for Paul Rose.
Thanks to all the great artists for their permission to play their wonderful tracks today.
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