Wednesday, December 06, 2006

podcastpaul podcast 141 Paul and Sue's Big weekend way in London

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PodcastPaul 141 5th December 2006

Grown up music and chat from grown up independent producer; Paul Nicholls in South West Brmingham,

music from pmn

Paul and Sue's big adventure in London... some podcast chat and finally putting things into perspective.
So Easy - Laurence Elder
Firefly - Kevin Burdick
Going Home - Laurence Elder
My little boy is 6 tomorrow. Thinking of Swaziland..... The politics in British podcasting is boring and needs putting into perspective. The various podcast groups are good - but we can allow them to be divisive if we're not careful. I'm probably the worst offender
Thanks to you listeners... you're the ones that REALLY matter. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to have a voice - and to listen as much as you do.
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