Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another day.... another show!

One of my favourite podcasts is Betty in the sky with a suitcase. I love that show. I have no idea why people don't tak about Bet's show more. Basically, Bet (not her real name) is an airline stewardess who takes her mp3 recorder to work and gets stories from within the industry. I'm hooked, I really am.

Bet's format is so good, it's real everday folks from within the industry talking about weird, funny, and interesting stories from within the airline industry.

I've thought about this for an age. I'm definitely going to do a show about law - a behind the scenes show. It'll develop and morph as time goes on, I'm sure.

I went into work, mp3 recorder in hand to get some law stories and happened upon Managing Partner extraordinaire; Peter Jones. Pete and I work together at the smll Warwickshire branch of SmithJones, Solicitors.

Have a listen to 'Jonesy boy' wax lyrical on a couple of stories. Something tells me he may feature quite often on "The Broadcasting Lawyer".

I've a number of great folks I plan to speak to, including a couple of Judges, a silk (that's a Queens Counsel to us peasants) and a number of other great and interesting people.

I'll be looking topically at current affairs from time to time and how the law plays it part, explaining and unravelling law in plain English - and doing the lot in a pretty tongue in cheek, informative way.

Law is a fascinating, brilliant subject and isn't beyond the reaches of ordinary folk, because ordinary everyday folk figure more and more in this wonderful profession.

If you have some questions or problems you'd like me to address, mail / comment me anonymously or by ordinary course of mail / comment.

Watch out for the first webcast (note the shift from 'podcast') shortly....

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