Saturday, December 16, 2006

Podcast 142 My birhday, The exporation of Britcaster, and a whistle stop tour of 1967

- Show notes for podcastpaul podcast no. 142
- podcastpaul podcast 142
- My birthday today!
- PMN: Happy Birthday; Catalonia (PMN)
- I was born on 15th December 1967 at 8pm GMT.
- I'm 39 but I feel like I'm 18. 18 with 21 years of experience...
- Brian Jones (Stones) Guitarist escapes jail (Jagger and Richards were in court in May earlier)
- De Gaulle blocks Britain's introduction into the common market
- The Six day war in Israel
- Brian Epstein found dead, aged 32.
- Very low key affair, yet Sue had a great big bonanza.
- My wonderful present from Adrian. I wish Texan bars would come back - and the liqouirice twigs. I love space dust and lemon sherbets.
- You just have to listen to the Britcaster send off, everything that John Buckley touches is brilliant. It's great to hear such a cocophony of people I know and respect in one bumper sitting.
- Robin McKelle: Somethings Gotta Give (PMN)
- The forums continue. Check them both out. Check out particularly the ADD thread which is incredibly insightful on Tea and Podcasts. What is ADD and how does it affect folks? Is it just a trendy label, or something that really can cause problems?
- Music: I feel fine by Chew my tongue. (PMN)


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I suffer from ADD too, Where do I find the forums you mention? Sorry, I'm new to your podcast.
-Paul Smith

podcastpaul said...

Right here Paul (click above)

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