Thursday, December 28, 2006

PODCAST 143 28th December 2006.

podcastpaul podcast 143 early hours of 28th December 2006.
intro music - Adam Woodall Band - Runaway
Altarmotive - Blame (PMN)
Ages since I did a Podcast Paul show - look out for the Broadcasting lawyer - will have it's own feed, should be great - thanks to Steve Lacey for his comments. There definitely will be more Steve, it's a promise.
Really needed this break - wonderful to recharge the batteries. Back on 2nd - straight in - court at 10.15am. Jan already mental.
Carribean in Feb - married 20 years. That's a murder and an armed robbery here.
Paul Rose: My Life - direct from Paul Rose, thanks mate!
May have heard my comments on Adam Curry's show about some idiot who did the "Jesus Interview" - a great thread on either or
World Records -
Cockroaches eaten and bra's unhooked - I kid you not!
Rubbish world records... where do they get them from?!
Adam Woodall Band - Runaway
Shopping today - busy! Some folks got up at 5am - why? I lounged in bed 'til 10!
Great film - saw tonight: A night at the Museum; Ben Stiller, Ricky Gervais, some gorgeous brunette with an Italian name and perfect teeth and some other folks. I didn't even fall asleep!
German pregnancy crisis...
I've been podcasting 2 years on 30th December 2006!
A very peaceful Christmas and prosperous New Year to you all.
God Bless.
Al Stravinsky - Looking for my voice (PMN)
Send an email eh? It would be lovely to hear from you all.


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