Saturday, December 30, 2006

I've been podcasting two years today!

My mate; Geoff, who has been listening almost since show no. 1 sent me a lovely message:
Hello Paul It's Geoff, long time listener and friend.

I just want to wish you well on your anniversary.
What a year mate. ... You don't exactly lead a boring life do you:You co-founded podcast user magazine at the start of the year - A magazine that is doing brilliantly and will get even better next year.

You've co-founded the UK podcasting association with Dean Whitbread.and organised and MC'd a podcasting conference.

And even with all that going on you still make the time to produce a great podcast and even start another one, the broadcasting lawyer, which I also wish you well with. Paul, You have given so much to the podcasting community - thanks alot fella
See you soon.


I'm actually not really planning to do a show tonight, I've loads of relatives around for a do we're putting on here. Sue has been frantic in the kitchen and we'll be tidying around like dervishes in a short while.
I may get the MP3 recorder out if there's anything decent to record but guess I'll be making small talk most of the evening - you know relative things... "ooh hasn't he grown?" etc. etc

On another note, I've been issued with a great new phone from work - A Vodafone V1240 / Smartphone.

I'm knocked out by the amazing portability of the device. There's a great MP4 recorder / MP3 player along with Wifi / MS Outlook and all the other great stuff you get with a Windows mobile machine.

I may well be using the video capability - now I know how to use it. Keep your eyes peeled!

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gabor - electrical language said...

Wow 2 years!

Well done Paul, an amazing achievement. Sorry I've only just caught up with the news.