Monday, August 28, 2006

podcastpaul podcast127 - all on my own...phew

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Podcastpaul podcast 127

Hello from Paul alone - another serious about music show
Introducing slowhandrow, 'What if you' - via Garageband - / e:
Throw it all away - by Trapped in Paradise (PMN)
River of Joy Black lab (PMN)
Square One by Mister Vague (PMN)
Uncle by The Alice Project (PMN)

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all songs from the podsafe music network - save for slowhandrow (
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Martin GD said...

Hey Paul
Love the Trapped In Paradise track, I played it too on GD's Bite Size Bonus Aug25 2006 Bite Size Bonus # 186
And forget AC playing Black Lab ...... GD's Bite Size Bonus Aug23 2006 Bite Size Bonus # 185 ... I was there :)
You really should listen to my show more often m8, always the best music, three times a week.

Ohhh you're looking for a band with the Jamiroquai vibe, check out Clevage "Groove Shaker" is a great track downloadable off MySpace.

ELP --- don't worry man I remember them too -- Brain Salad Surgery, Fanfair For The Common Man, Pictures at an Exhibitions .... lol wow I had hair in those days

Keep On [prog]Rockin'