Sunday, August 27, 2006

podcastpaul podcast 126

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Show notes

Podcastpaul podcast 126
Hello from Paul and Sue!
Why - Steven Stewart; David Choi Mix
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from News of the Weird...the tranny lawyer
from the beginning: Emerson Lake & Palmer
I was taught to play Drums back in the late 70's by Steve Palmer, Carl Palmer's brother
Best ever television:
We both love Frasier - we still sit and watch the repeats on Paramount.
Cheers was superb
Only Fools and Horses (Adrian Pegg worked on that)
Friends - ambivolent
Hooked on Lost - nothing else much takes our fancy
kids programmes....
Never seemed to watch Magpie
HATED Animal Magic
Felt it was a duty to watch Blue Peter...
Book review:
Our favourite - The Righteous Men - Sam Borne.
I'm reading a good back called the Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly.
Flesh & Blood by Gary Moore

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