Thursday, August 03, 2006

missing home...

I really am useless holiday, I really am.

I´m missing home, things are happening at work so tast I need to be there...and I´m desperate for a nice cup of tea.

At present I´m in Si Coma, a resort in Majorca, which, for the uninitiated, is a small island off the coast of spain.

I´m presently using the hotels internet, it´s slow, clunky and altogether a bit rubbish. I´ve been using the laptop but can´t find a WIFI connection that will actually let me in.

Anyway kids, I´ve been keeping a diary and I´ll let you all read it when I get back - it´s all resting on my pocket pc at the minute.

Speak to you all soon.



jEN said...

Come on Paul! You're in front of your computer on holiday?

Power that bad boy down and get some sand between your toes mate!

Anonymous said...

Paul is surgically attached to his lap top, and while Harry is dancing to spanish childrens songs and the okey cokey,he sneaks off to have a quick fumble with the hotel pc. Anyway he is managing to find time to sunbathe and splash in the pool, ´{between faxes to the office!!}

Sue xx