Thursday, August 10, 2006

podcast 124. Another great music show, and thank goodness I'm not flying!

Download the MP3 direct from here

podcast 124
Hello from Paul!
- Goodbye New York - the Shakes
- Craziness surrounding air travel
- The Shakes - these guys are going to be huge
- Email from Dave Manders - scary!
- Liberty Jones, the Shakes
- Lots of Muzo's listen to the show - check out
- Skidmarks - Peopod
- How do you listen to your podcasts / mp3's?, I've been using:
- my PDA - surgically grafted to my hand!
- my Nokia phone and a blue tootth dongle
- Say I - Jeff Coffey
- Bookmark 18th November 2006
- Exceptional quality in independent music.
- Ken Little - Hollow Horse
- Does my site crash your pc?
- On your Own - Rock Feller

all music from the podsafe music network.
all the spoken words from my own lips.....


bpende said...

Listen to my mp3s and PodCasts? I use my Palm T5. I run AeroPlayer and have a 2GB SD card, and either use the external speaker, or plug it into headphones... I've even rewired my Honda Insight Hybrid so I can plug directly into the stereo system. Now that I've got my Toshiba Libretto with built-in SD card slot, bluetooth, wifi and IR... there's little limit to getting stuff onto my Palm.

I use it for a... lot... of other stuff. I even use it to read eBooks at night, with the backlight on, I can read quite well. If I fall asleep, my wife doesn't wake me at 2 in the am to turn off the bedside light. The Palm will turn itself off after 2 minutes... Don't get me started, because I can ramlbe for far too long about how I use my Palm.

ChasCreek said...

I was musing on how people listen to podcasts or how the majority of people outside of the techies and people into podcasting themselves might listen to podcasts in my own latest podcast.

Myself even though I could listen to them on my PDA or on my ipod or even via the net MD Walkman, I actually find that I stream them into media player on line and listen to the while I am at them computer rather than downloading on any kind of portable player and taking them with me.

Bernadette from Australia said...

I'm an iPod girl...mostly listen to podcasts while walking to/from work so need something portable - i like to keep "play" stuff separate from "work" stuff so the iPod is just for music and podcasts while the other gadgets are for boring work stuff.

I never listen to any show directly at the 'puter - I'm always getting up in the middle of a show and wandering away and missing half the show

And while your site doesn't crash my 'puter Paul it is probably the site which takes the longest to load of any site I visit regularly - I think it has something to do with the fact all your episodes are available from the one page

I agree, The Shakes are gonna be big - great stuff

cheers, Bernadette