Thursday, August 31, 2006


I am writing this blog entry as I love keeping an updated diary, it's more therapeutic than anything else, but unusually I've found that people read this - a friend of mine; Adam, mentioned this to me today.

As much as I enjoy podcasting, I have to say that I enjoy blogging too. A lot of people just don't have the time to listen to the podcast yet lots more folks seem to check in to read the entries.

An old mate of mine from church; Mike Parkes who moved to Florida some months ago sent me a mail via the blog. It was great to hear from Mike, yet, so easy to see that a friendship like that could dissipate with the distance between us, yet maintained by something as simple as a computer diary.

I spent an evening tonight with some great friends - a dozen of us or so chomping our way through a curry. The kids were babysat and it was wonderful to just sit, chat and laugh.

I'm lying in bed on the laptop - not lying on the laptop you understand..... so I'll get off and get some shut eye now.

I've registered at podshow by the way - and also uploaded the CLC Band stuff to the podsfe Music network, f you're a podcaster, have a listen to 'em and if you play 'em report them, it'll be interesting to see if anyone plays em! Upload the music here


See you soon....

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