Monday, August 21, 2006

podcast 125 we're back from holiday...

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Podcastpaul podcast 125

Hello from Paul and Sue!
Ain't nobody - Gary moore (PMN)
Back from holidays
Best holiday...
Explaining the trailer tent.
UK Holidays
Was it sunnier when we were kids?
Do you camp
Weeing on camp
Buying a caravan..
Emergency room in Burnham and he stenching folks.
Ridiculous instructions in an aircraft
music: Tuchachachcha - Antonin Bastin
Soundbyte i. Spain ii. Burnham
soundbyte iii. Entertainment - Magician.
European or British? Will we ever integrate?
Tattooed Brits.
Music: Shotgun - David Spak
email: Ben James.
my moaning on the pda - and all the lovely replies on the blog.
Podcastcon - 18th November 2006
Next break: the Ludlow food festival.
Music: Wrong again - Louise Setara
all songs from the podsafe music network -
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Martin GD said...

Paul, I think you may have buggered up your XML again as your podcasts aren't coming automatically to me. Either that or I got your feed wrong or you've changed it or this custard is really gravy.

podcastpaul said...


Try mate.

Martin GD said...

:) all working again, must have got stopped by the border guards as it tried to get into Wales.

Parkylondon said...


I think you need to start getting your parps sponsored.

Forget Accuvue or Senseo, "todays poot is brought to you by British Gas" or something...