Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A very Happy New Year everyone

I really mean that, an extremely good New Year to you all.

I'm not sure how 2007 fared for you. I do think it's a case of being determined to make the most of 2008 come what may. Personally I think this year may bring forth some real challenges. Life doesn't play a very fair hand sometimes, but it's how you make do with what you have that makes you a more rounded person.

I'm going to try and slow down as much as I can and think more before responding. Two big challenges. My kids are growing up quickly and I don't want to miss a moment with them. Again a big challenge,

I may try and spend less time on the pc too. I have so many DIY jobs ad maintenace on the house. Studies finish in Jume andnthe second half of my year will hopefully slow right down. February and June are busy exam peeiods. I bet they will be over in a flash too.

Looking back, I see I've been blogging and podcasting for over 3 years now. What started as something I thought would be fleeting has turned out to be part of my life. Often times I've wondered who I do this for. Honestly? Probably me. I often look back on posts or shows, and can see a journey of sorts.

Let's try and make 2008 great, no matter what.

Thanks to everyone who, for whatever reason reads the blogs, listens in or comments. A great New Year to us all.

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