Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Gadgets in my ipod inventory

This is the Belkin iTrip - an essential if you have a long commute each day.

The beauty of this little darling is the fact that, unlike the old itrip, it's easy to tune 'on board'.

If you're looking at travelling more than, say 20 - 30 miles at a time, you can bet that the FM radio station you need to find on your car stereo that is noting but hiss will have some element of bleed from a nearby station or wander into a local radio, or even pirate frequency.

The ability to immediately tune to the next free station is dead easy to do and the whole thing is completely simple to use.

I do find a certain amount of sibilance (is that the correct spelling?) on quieter podcasts and some tracks, but this is a great, low cost option. I paid £20 at a local Curry's store and I'm well impressed with the unit - great value and dead easy to use.

The Tune Talk Stereo is...just awesome. At £30 the quality of the recording is just something else.
Recording in Stereo or mono WAV are your options.
I found that the stereo mic on the unit was so sensitive it picked up rumbles from the ipod that were a little intrusive. I use a £25 lavlier mic on the input and I have to say that the quality is near BBC audio.
I am SO impressed with this piece of equipment, it's easily replaced the £300 Edirol that I lost (how on earth did I do that?!) a few months ago.
If you've an Ipod classic or videoipod and want to start experimenting with recording, buy this. If you're an experienced podcaster - buy it, you won't be disappointed.
The only downside with the TuneTalk is that it doesn't work with the ipod Touch. Why?!

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