Saturday, January 26, 2008

Music isn't restricted by age.

Yesterday evening Sue and I went to a George Michael tribute. It was actually really good. The ratio of women to men was about 25:1.

I couldn't get over how many folks knew every word to every song (er... me included). When you think that some of the material was 25 years old, it's incredible to think how quick time has flown by.

The amount of 40 something females shaking their thing on the dance floor, reminded me of school disco times. It was a great evening, and the bloke who sang, though vaguely looking like Mr. M and struggling with the top notes, was good value.

Attending the 'gig' last night and still recovering from the high of playing in the band at my 40th ,which was received so well, gives me even more encouragement to want to do the podcast. The fact of the matter is this: I think people my age and into their fifties love music. I always thought at the time, years ago, that music was the province of teens and twenties and less important the older you get. How wrong was I?

I was helping a few blokes clear up at a womens breakfast last week (don't ask!) and chatting to Bob, a mate of mine in his mid - late fifties. Bob was beside himself with excitement at the revival of interest in Led Zepellin. Bob talked about John Bonham, Robert Plant and a whole catalogue of albums,almost misty eyed. It was a real treat to see someone who obviously enjoyed music and that passion and knowledge of an artist really shone through.

Listen to Lynn Parsons ' Red Light Zone ' and you'll get the idea. Lynn is a former BBC presenter and one of the best podcast shows about, in my opinion.

Are you as passionate about music as the folks I've mentioned here?


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