Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pictures from my 40th

Sue and I with Adrian and Fizz Pegg

Sue and I with Paul and Jan Parkinson

Carla - the singer with the awesome voice and Steve the Bass in the background

Although terribly unflattering, I like this action shot - Shaun in the background

The fabulous lads (and lass) in the band - you did me proud, thanks so much! You can see Adam (one of my best mates) on the keys - Adam features on the podcast. Another old mate; Paul Obrey, Mr Guitar / Mr Birmingham Disaster complete with rolled up sleeves in the background.

The dance floor - and some of our mates.

One of my oldest and dearest mates; Martin Hunt. We've been mates since school aged 4! Thanks for all your hard work on the night and friendship that I really value old mate. Here's to (at least) the next 40 years..


Tiggr said...

Looks like a fantastic time!

Paul said...

It was great thanks Laurel!