Sunday, December 30, 2007

podcast 168. The pant wettingly funny balti challenge

Download the MP3 of the show (podcastpaul) 168 here

Adam and Paul , Sue and Louise explore the best balti houses of South Birmingham.

Ordering as a french bloke, bloke with a lisp, camp bloke and Welsh chap the four balti houses are pitted against each other.

Lager thrown in, this is destined to be another podcast classic... no, really, honestly.

Actually, it is really very, very funny - especially the phone ordering.... go on, you know you want to...

1 comment:

Podcast Bob said...

Thanks Paul and Adam, for the funniest moment and longest laugh I've had for a very long time!!

Your accents were terrible!! Especially the French one! And fair play to the guy who came on and promoted their Balti house right away.

Such spontaneous enjoyment, and nice to hear the girls joining in from down the hall, at the back of the house, in the kitchen ;-D LOL!!

All the best to you all for 2008, you've done Whisky, you've done Balti, whatever next ? ;-D

Bob C