Monday, December 10, 2007

Life nearly begins...

apparently... as I'm 40 on Saturday.

It's been a busy time over the last few weeks and at the time of typing, I've just returned from church where we're in the middle of rehearsals for Christmas. We're singing just two songs that are chalk and cheese - one's a soulful gospel song with a great soul back beat and beautiful jazz piano, the other a medieval carol.

Those who have listened to the show know how wide my listening tastes are. I'll listen to jazz, ska, rock and choral music in the space of quarter of an hour. I love the sound of choral voices though - you can't beat a full black gospel choir, male voice tenors or even madrigals sung in traditional fashion.

Tonight we nailed the four part soprano, alto, tenor and bass sections of the 'Coventry Carol' - a cheery piece sung by the mothers at the time of the birth of Christ just before their children were slaughtered by Herod.....

If you've never heard decent, proper choral music, just look out for anything by the Cambridge singers or anything arranged by John Rutter or John Tavener.

..and last, but not least, my old mate Ken Little from Glasgow band; Hollow Horse sent me a fantastic couple of tracks, they just get better and better. Listen up for the podcast within the next few days.

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Podcast Junky UK said...

Have a great one on Saturday! ... and go easy on the Whiskey :-)

Kind regards