Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm sitting in the main room of my house surrounded by Christmas decorations. I can't stand Christmas decorations and all the clutter.

There's a palpable excitement when the decorations are taken out of the loft from Sue who seems to spend an age positioning plastic angels, santas and lanterns.

Our Christmas tree, with its tinsel arms, always leans to one side. I'll be spending every day of the next month moving and propping it back into position and at least two days picking it up from the floor.

I'm just looking forward to the break, spending time with old mates and family and putting my feet up. Ironically, in a time of rest, the busiest section of life is church. I usually get involved in helping with the programme. This year there will be traditional carols sung, something that always makes me feel warm and seasonal.

But, for now, I'll sit and stare at the plastic decorations..

3 comments: said...

You have to have the tinsel and all the glitz Paul, for Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Me on the other hand, more of an earthy person, so I'll be running around naked in a field on the 21st December. A bit cheaper.

podcastpaul said...

Tinsel and glitz though Rowley?

A bit of hay and some animals in a stable would be closer to the mark


sue said...

Excuse me but those angels are from M and S they are not plastic!! our lounge looks lovely stop being an old Scrooge!!