Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rise ofthe foot soldier. Utter rubbish

I sat and wasted two hours of my life on the most vile, vacuous and pointless nonsense.

There's a new genre of film about gritty life on the football terraces. 'Firms' are stocked with low life vermin desperate to fight, then there's the drugs and sex.... This is a film about... well, vermin, fighting, drugs and girls. Gouging, murdering, stabbing and mugging are all dressed up as lads having a bit of a laugh.


For two hours I sat through gratuitous, pointless violence that glorified the life of some prior thug called Carlton Leach. He's such a tough bloke he has his own myspace page.. with a picture of.. tremble.. a gun on it. To think this man is cashing in on a previous violent lifestyle is just breathtakingly arrogant.

Willing the film to get to the end with some sort of point to it I watched humourless portayals of drug taking bullies. There wasn't any point apart from the director wanting to take us through the eyes of the underpriviliged underclasses of London. Get a life, I grew up in a rough backwater of Birmingham where kids had absolutely nothing, yes we had to fight and yes we went without, but we don't need some handwringing liberal to make a film about it. We still dine out on the poverty of Kes, and that was shot in 1969. At least that was a classic British portrayal with a point. This was a haphazard boasting of smashing some blokes head in on the tube against Milwall. Cheers for that.

There is a point to this post:-

1. Don't waste your time or money feeding some loser credibility. This thug offers nothing and you get nothing. He deserves nothing as he did nothing. If you're taken in by the film, he didn't get caught by the police, and if you believe his mates in the film, jail seems to be a laugh with all manner of cheeky chappies who get you connected.

2. What a stupid, idiotic, puerile message to send to kids in an increasingly violent Britain. This bloke is now 48 - fancy posting a myspace page up to glorify and capture a previous violent lifestyle. I'm ashamed to think a fellow English bloke wants to send that sort of a message to kids. Unfortunately my lad (18) bought the DVD.

I hope Leach reads this and can give me some sort of explanation for his violent memoirs ... apart from the cash and pitiful glory seeking from the youngsters he courts on myspace.

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