Saturday, February 02, 2008

podcastpaul podcast 169

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Brilliant trees - Talent

Hello to Rowland Cutler – lovely to chat to you on Skype mate – you MUST be my longest standing listener mate!

4th year of podcasting – loved ever minute of it – you’ve been a fantastic group of folks – loved meeting every one of you.

Licencing – wondering if should go down that route – some of the unsigned acts are fantastic, but quite honestly, like some of the signed acts, some of them are rubbish too!

Duran Duran – Falling down via podsafe music network

Always maintain some awesome gems – but you need to look hard – very hard – Ho;low Horse, Paul Rose, Mangomad, Simon Apple, Slashed Seat Affair. Supprt your unsigned artists, but I hanker after playing Ghost Town by the specials, Jump by Van Halen – the list goes on. Never ever understand the mentality of keeping the archived dusty stuff uncovered for us to rediscover. They’re a soundtrack to our life. Watch a film like pretty in pink if you’re late thirties / early forties and you’ll gasp at the soundtrack.

Eleanor McEvoy – Territory of Poets. Blimey! What a voice – awesome!

Jack – so proud of him. Great night last night at the gifted and talent evening at Lordsword Girls school, Birmingham.

Esteban – Santiago via the lads themselves – cheers boys!

Juan’s nan’s second funeral in Chile – yes you heard that right!

Good Lovelies – Taboo – cheers col!

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Karmyn Tyler – luv me so via podsafe music netwok

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Bernadette from Australia said...

Hey Paul

Just listened to the show and I agree about the Pretty in Pink soundtrack: it's always been on my list of albums I'd take to a desert island - even though I never liked the film that much.

Cheers, Bernadette

podcastpaul said...


You're dead right, the score carried the film. I'm an old nostalgic though, I love all of John Hughes' films including 'Some kind of wonderful' and 'The Breakfast Club'.