Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Random Wednesday thoughts

I'm sitting at my desk at a minute at seven in the morning, I've been in since just after quarter past five and had, so far, a very productive morning. I'm taking just 10 minutes out to console myself with a blog post as it's curiously lonely at this time of the morning. I've been working with music in the background as I find this really helps - 'everything's changing' by Keane has just faded and 'Beat Surrender' by the Jam is now filling the office.

I reckon I can do a day's work in three to four hours without interruption in the morning. By the afternoon I'm all over the place, getting a second wind late evening.

It's been a funny old week so far. I was in meetings, not arriving home until nearly 11pm on Monday, last night I was at Uni involved in mock exams, not returning home until 10.30pm. It certainly isn't happening today, I aim to get some rest. There's only so far you
can push yourself.

I don't know about you, but I'm incredibly bored with the US primaries. Honestly? I'd rather watch blindfold Latvian table tennis.

I've been fascinated by the podcasts from the BBC - particularly "from our own correspondent" and "pods and blogs". Exceptional listening.

Bob Cartwright's "The Outdoor Show" is fantastic listening if you've a long drive: Bob is a great ambassador for quality. It amazes me how the poor audio early adopters started out with in late 2004 now near rivals the BBC.

On the home front, Sue is still in pieces about Tilly, she mentioned to me proudly that she hadn't cried yesterday and that she wants a dog in May. I don't know what I feel about that other than to say Tilly can never be replaced. It's incredible what an impression that lovely little dog left with us all.

Smooth operator; Sade has just started to play. I wish I was.... I wouldn't be in before dawn if I was!

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Colin H said...

Now that sounds like long days! bout time to take a couple off? or the old trick extend easter in a month. hope ure doing good.