Wednesday, February 20, 2008

lunchtime blogging

I have just enjoyed some lovely fish and chips and decided to give my much missed blogging some attention during my lunchtime. Immediately I eat them, I felt lousy and know I should have stuck to my skinny food. I've lost 28 pounds (or two stone in real money) and gone down 8 belt holes - I've had to cut the end of my belt and stick three new holes in - great, apart from the fact that my clothes are beginning to get too big for me!

As usual I'm not just busy, I'm breakneck mental. I've three trials in March - one of which is the biggest of my 24 year career Monday week, an audit next week, 8 exams starting tomorrow, continuing through Monday, Wednesday and Friday and hosts of other stuff I've got to get sorted before the weekend. Shocking. I'm beginning to dread opening my eyes of a weekday.

Is it just me that is chaotically busy, or is it life in general? It really is ridiculous, I just don't seem to get a moment's peace. Can you relate to the ludicrous, immediate deadlines, hours and hour of work and other pressures? I thought law would be a nice, gentle stroll in the park, dealing with things in an ordered fashion and sorting matters out in a nice, gentile smiley way. The new solicitors on the block are vicious, vile, unrepentant animals always attempting to take a pot shot, and the regulators more bureaucratic and pointlessly jobworth.

Oh the simplicity of being a postie, milkman or bloke in a factory pressing a button. Your day would start and finish at given points in time and dealines would not pervade my dreams....

I've been getting into the office before or around 6am to cram everything in, I'm sure that if I cut out sleep for the next two or three months and hired a chauffeur to drive me around, feed me, and generally do everything including wiping my backside that I might just see some light at the end of the tunnel.

The reason I love Swaziland so much is many things, but I love their attention to family life and just not screaming around like headless chickens. I'm desperate to get back there....

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