Saturday, February 16, 2008

podcastpaul podcast no170 - A Californian vibe...

PodcastPaul No. 170 – download the MP3 direct from here

Ari Shine – Crank it out Meticulous Records; California

Most of the music tonight from California – all entirely by chance….

A funny old few weeks since I last spoke to you all – time whizzing by - Tilly – and Emily. Thanks so much for all your messages, calls, mails etc.

The pain of dog training.

Bob Gentry – Upside down; California

Bob and Rose Cartwright – The Outside station; the. Brilliant podcast – go and listen – great if you’re commuting. Great production qualities and really interesting.

Last week I went to the Cotswolds with Sue. I love England, I’m biased, but the beauty around us is just astounding. Ledbury – haunting pennywhistle player – Eastnor castle.

Great time in London – cheap train and hotel tickets!

3 blind mice – Kolysanka; London

Rise of the foot soldier – awful, awful, awful. Don’t watch or support this. I just don’t get it…

Shannon Hurley – We are in Love; California

New podcast forum – very good, interesting – and busy, please join in… tell ‘em I sent you! Follow me on Twitter… paulnicholls

Entice – Listen Hard; California – I think this bloke’s voice sounds like Geddy Lee – go Rush!
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