Saturday, November 03, 2007

podcastpaul podcast 164 Living in a modern world..

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podcastpaul podcast no164
Bridgefield - Get there
Sounds like Blondie from North West London / Bucks
How's your week? Delerious at the NEC!
What on earth is Halloween about? Trick or treat, eh?! We'll be doing thanksgiving next...
If you like Jools Holland, you'll love......Johnny Ferreira - Swing That Thing. from British Columbia, Canada.
I wish there was more Johnny Ferreira's around. I've seen Jools Holland half a dozen times - the absolute king of swing. Smooth music like Jamie Cullum, Diana Krall, Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. Listen to any Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles. Music that's a cut above the rest.
My day at the Birmingham Law Library...The Beautiful Girls - She's Evil. From California - lovely blend of rock and reggae - from California, influenced by Pearl Jam - they remind me of the Police.
Carrie Catherine biggest mistake- a cross between Amy Winehouse and Tammy Wynette..beautiful vocal from another British Columbian
I love Birmingham - my recently received books...I've a hankering to want to know more about the history of Birmingham.
I'm moderned out... the laptop annoys me, mobiles aggravate me and email irritates the pants out of me. I love fountain pens, books on old Birminbgham and hanker after wanting to know more about Britain's history. I must be finally growing up!
and finally... I love the groove on this! Sounds like the proclaimers meeting Blue Oyster Cult.. Orange Snow - Stay - from the Netherlands - Leo Sienot.
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