Sunday, November 25, 2007

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Show notes:

Love = Action. Frozen. Awesome. Californian new wave act that remind me of the hugely underrated Climie Fisher.
In Manchester on Friday at the beautiful Midland Hotel in central manchester - great fun. Table moving - and almost been thrown out for singing!
Twitter - really into this, hello to all my mates on there, follow me as paulnicholls at
John Hoskinson - She's changing my mind Californian artist I really like. Cracking response from around around a dozen folks, some mail, some comments - even some folks telephoning me! Saw my brother and an old mate last weekend - first thing Anthony said was 'I liked that ELO track..." Paul P sent me a mail from a train between Luxembourg and Brussels "..Loved the Squeeze ELO song" Lovely mail from John too. I still think you sound like ELO mate! Reminds me of Hollow Horse. Cannot wait to hear the new HH album - especially the collaberated track with Paul Rose.
Can anyone give me an honest review of the Ipod touch? I'm really interested in looking at buying one in the new year. My Ipod is redundant at the moment because of a crashed hard disk. Apple's ridiculous policy of tying tracks to one pc. Ludicrous. Is there a way to reload Itunes and save my albums etc? PLEASE let me know if you know a way.
The old Birmingham connection - Dave Morgan, ELO. Mentioned him briefly on the last show. Recorded a show with Dave last year. Played at Dave's wedding - Richard Tandy was the best man. Tandy Morgan Smith - Martin Smith, Bass in the latter ELO tours and band, Richard Tandy key core member. Paradise Garden from Tandy Morgan Smith - recorded late 80's. Wonderful
Bernie from Oz, can you fill us in on the politics we're getting snippets on here in the UK? Howard is out after 11 years, Rudd is in - is that good or bad news? He'll be sworn in as PM next week apparently.
You cannot escape the brilliance of 3 blind mice. 'The Word'
Fantastic, this track is entitled Audience numbers - nearly half a million different people have listened in the last 18 months - 2 years. Some shows topping 10,500 folks -not massive, but lovely to know folks are listening.
Folio - Floating Away. Another new wave Calfornian act. Reminds me a lot of Ultravox. Great sound.
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cheers for listening!


John Hoskinson said...

Thanks again for the airplay, Paul!


John Hoskinson

podcastpaul said...

My pleasure John !

Colin said...

Hey Paul. I think the software you need for your iPod is called YamiPod available from :

Let me know how you get on. There's many ways to gut a fish.