Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back from Manchester

I'm just back from a conference in Manchester. 300 lawyers packed in a room, how boring is that?

As it happens, it wasn't at all boring - it was great fun. At dinner in the evening, our table of 12 was stashed away in the corner of a massive room. It was then that I had the great idea of getting everyone to move the table, an inch at a time every few minutes or so without anyone really noticing. We got to around 50 - 60 foot. We were moving the table two or three feet at a time in the end. We made it across the dance floor and to the opposite end of the room.

I then had the great idea of moving everyone, one at a time to the one single table a few feet away, over 5 minutes or so. We did it... it was only when the waiters decided to clear the now empty table stashed at the side of the dance floor, that the whole thing collapsed. One of the legs had folded under itself.... down came all the glasses, empty bottles of wine.... you get the general idea. I looked across, tutted and shook my head and supressed a snigger.

Later, my mate (and managing partner) Pete and I were asked to keep the singing down or be chucked out of the bar area. Eh?! We'd even taken song sheets....

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