Wednesday, November 28, 2007

News Flash....

Apparently you really can't believe everything a Politician tells you..

As if you haven't heard, Gordon Brown and the Labour party are having rather a hard time of things at the moment.
Revelations with regard to party funding seem to be dragging all and sundry into the net - including Harriet Harman (bless her) and others at senior level.
Brown was likened in Parliament today to 'Mr Bean' "not making chaos out of order, but rather making chaos out of order..."
I had a letter from the Inland Revenue today apologising for the fact that my, Sues and the childrens data have been lost (or stolen).
My apology is one of 25,000 000 that must have been issued in the last few days.
25, 000 000 letters and postage don't come cheap. Never mind, that's what we pay our taxes for...

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