Saturday, November 10, 2007

podcast 165 Great American Artists, Finland, Bullying and the Apple iphone

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John Hoskinson - I hope I die before you do; Californian genius with a Squeeze / ELO sound...
Hello to all the new listeners!
Hi to Ed Ross from Portsmouth - and I'll check out the kids choir! Watoto children's choir from Uganda. Nothing in the world like African voices - awesome. Memories of Swaziland. How I wish I was there.
Laurence Elder - surrounded by you -one of he best ever tunes on the network from Florida. Very apt for the next discussion.
Awful scenes of yet another massacre, this time in Finland. Pekka Eric Auvinon apparently felt cast out and bullied by fellow pupils at Jokela High school, this of course os no excuse for the appalling act of violence. The bullied became the bully. Bullying is a cancer - you can still feel the scars many years on, I was bullied at school and hate anything that constitutes bullying. Bullying in the work place - a staggering one in four people feel bullied at work, costing the industry billions of pounds. Take action immediately if you feel bullied either at work, school or in whatever situation. It's easier looking out than in. A podcast I did some time ago on bullying saw one of the biggest influx of emails.
Joan as Policewoman - eternal flame. New York artist. Kicking myself I missed her at the Glee club. doh!
Pakistan in the news - The lunatic antics of Musharraf, imposing a state of emergency as his power slips, the sacking of nine judges refusing to endorse Musharaff's state of emergency as 'unconstitutional. Benazir Bhutto becoming the living martyr as she fell under house arrest. Many are saying that she's out of touch and not that great a hope for the people of Pakistan. We've much to moan about in the West, but, thank God, literally we're not in the same state.
Patrick Hall - California one for the ages.
One for the ages indeed... all ages. The apple iphone. Lucrative tie in with O2. Many now attempting to hack the phone to unlock it from the network - 1/4 million Americans have cracked this. Apple have changed the software! It's already been done according to ITN. Apparebtly software will be available within the week to unlock it. Why tie in the network?
Evangelical clapping and whooping as the store opened. Weird.... I want a new phone.... help!!
Anduze from Calfornia - Falling.


John said...

Paul -

Thank you for including "I Hope I Die Before You Do" in your excellent podcast.

Double-thanks for the kind words.

John Hoskinson

podcastpaul said...

Many thanks John - and thank you for letting me play such a great song!