Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who are the British?


I'm fascinated by the concept of who we think we are in the terms of our nationality / otherwise.
I'll be doing a show over the weekend and wondered if I could ask a few questions - please either answer them here or mail me at

Please try to keep your answers brief as I'd like to get in as many views as possible.

These are the questions:

1. What nationality do you say you are?
2. If British - do you consider yourself first British then English / Welsh / Irish / Scottish, the other way around or any other permeatation?
3. What does being "British" mean to you?
4. What does being English / Irish / Scottish / Welsh mean to you?
5. How do you perceive that non - Brits see the British?
6. If you're a non - brit, how do you perceive the British?
7. What traits do the British have?
8. Is Great Britain or one of the nations that make it Britain a good place to live?
9. What do you think about Europe? Does the concept of 'Europe' work or not?
10 Where does the 'United Kingdom' fit into all this?

If you could mail the answers here / mail them to me / send an audio comment I'd be really grateful, I'll be recording over tyhe weekend, so sorry there's not much notice.

Please answer as many or as little of the answers as you wish.

Thanks ever such a lot, I'm really curious about the answers!


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