Friday, March 16, 2007

Red Nose Day

Here in the UK we have a day of comedy on BBC and raise a lot of cash for kids. 60% goes to Africa, 40% goes to kids in the UK.

Tonight, I've been seriously moved by the plight of kids across the world, and the dreadful lives that some of our own kids have here in the UK.

It really just isn't fair is it? It really is a lottery as to where kids are born, even here in the UK. The plight of Malaria, AIDS and poverty touches young lives on a daily basis. Poverty, disablement and other problems affect our kids here in the UK.

Thank God that you, me, our kids aren't subject to the terrible problems that so many kids experience. It's so easy to get on with our busy lives, and this itself isn't a bad thing, it's just good to pause sometimes and take stock.

In Africa, for instance, a child does every 30 seconds from malaria. Even more shocking is the fact that the disease is curable. A simple net can protect a child for £2.50 (about $5).

Please, give up a bottle of wine, or a takeaway that you might order over the weekend and give the money to help this absolutely awesome, amazing and brilliant cause.

Red nose day

.......and thanks for reading this.

After I typed this I just sat and cuddled Harry until he slept.

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