Thursday, March 22, 2007

Positive Racism...

I answered an email to my university today. Political correctness is something that really gets my goat, that and beaurocracy gone mad.

this was the mail that came through - I've had loads of these previously:

Are You an Ethnic Minority Student?

If so, then Xperience Works@XXXXXXX could change your life or at least your career choices

A series of workshops designed to help you prepare for, find and apply for SUCCESSFUL work experience placements.

Attend the ® Required Workshops and we’ll arrange a Mock-Interview with your DREAM Organisation Starting TUESDAY April 24th Employer Services Team—Careers Service 1st Floor XXXX Building Student Services Meeting Room XXXXX Campus 5:00 pm to 6:00 24 April

Workshop Registration

® 01 May Take A Look @ Yourself
® 08 May What Do Employers Want
® 15 May Research Prospective Employers
® 22 May Organise Your Winning Network
® 29 May Prepare a Winning CV
® 05 June Navigate & Practice Interview Q&As
® 12 June The Interview & Follow Up

19 June Reach Your Full Career Potential To register and reserve a place you MUST Contact XXXX XXXX Employer Services Team—Careers Service E-mail:
XXXXXXXX Ethnic Minority Schemes Co-ordinator
XXXXX Student Services

I got a bit fed up with getting lots of these sort of emails and decided to write back, I even checked with one of my good friends and classmates, a black female lawyer who said she got fed up with the emails too! We talked about the fact that the mail could even read: not white? Never mind, lets see if we can help you out.....

Anyway, I wrote back:

Is there an equal opportunity available for some of my white student friends? I'm not being provocative, I am however really cheesed off with seeing so much on offer for people simply because of race, colour and creed.

What is the University's thinking behind offering such overt 'positive' racism? Why should some of my classmates be denied the opportunities afforded to their equally able friends simply because of a difference in skin colour?

As mentioned previously, I never ever see colour in my classmates and colleagues, but I do on these email messages and on the noticeboards. I looked with interest the other week to see if there were any Christian meetings - there aren't. I am pretty sure I could attend a meeting and publicise it if I were a zen buddhist, muslim, practising Jew or Jedi Knight, yet there is nothing for Christians, Black, Asian, White or otherwise. Here there seems to be a positive discrimination on religious grounds, irrespective, ironically of race.

If there is somewhere where my query could be forwarded, I'd very much like to be heard on both issues. I seriously believe that the political correctness should be addressed practically and properly.

I feel quite strongly about this and will be very happy to attend any meeting offered.

I'm delighted with XXXXXX, but I'm left bewildered about the inequalities through over the top policies that very clearly leave some sections of the campus out in the cold.

The only time I ever think about differences in race, creed and religion is at the University, because the differences are thrust upon us there by messages like the one I'm replying too. I believe that the University could well be presenting a very damaging message to people, some are very young and impressionable.

When replying, peraps you might address what mix of students is an ethnic minority expressed as a percentage of the campus, including the part time students. I think you may well find there is parity, or even an ethnic majority, which seems to further add weight to my bewilderment. If you found, for instance that less white folks attended XXXX than those described as 'minority' students, would the emails be sent out to white students instead of our non-white colleagues? I don't think so, and I wouldn't want that to happen either, as I would be concerned that I'd be receiving a benefit not open to all.

The very diverse mix of students and folks attending the University is wonderful and should be celebrated, not marginalised. I've made some friends at XXXX that I believe will be lifelong; asian, black, white and other heritages.

I am certain that right thinking people must think the same as me, you may even find that some non-white students feel the same way. Most probably pass off the ott pc with a roll of the eyes and shrug of the shoulders. I'd like this properly addressed though please, as I'm beginning to find these matters tiresome and disconcerting.

I look forward to hearing from you and would be grateul if you could confirm to whom my mail will be directed.


Paul Nicholls

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Rinky - Guy Fawkes - Robin Hood - Stingpiece said...

...and what was the answer?

I've come across this myself, and raised the same complaint at a minority's programme.

I pointed out that I was a quarter Irish, and so I was partially discriminated against.

I also enquired whether they had similar programmes for fat people, ginger people, tall people, short people, freckly people, people with one (of anything) bigger than the other, and whether being a fraction of a minority would yield a fraction of the assistance - or whether there was a threshhold.
On this point I asked whether they would conduct DNA tests to determine whether I had the correct amount of melanin, and the correct permutation of Y-chromosome and mtDNA haplogroup markers.

They said they didn't have a test.

I said they should.

They thanked me for my suggestions, and bid me farewell.

My rights suitable marginalised, I decided to turn on one of sources of this rubbish, the NUS.

Their website includes the most horrendous polarising "blancophobia", prejudice and bigotry towards the BNP, such that it contravenes the regulations of most universities on grounds of bullying.

Fortunately the cold dead Orwellian hand of the NUS is being gradually peeled off the unversity sector, institution by institution. Still, a formal challenge beckons.

The moral of the story is, the media and regime perpetuate this fallacious banality, and their cohorts are recruited from universities.
If you want to free us from the whole mock-liberal regime, you have to target the higher education system - that's where the rot starts.