Monday, February 13, 2006

Worst Album Covers Ever....

This isn't a podcast - you need MS PowerPoint for this. I nearly wet myself laughing at it.

Download the World's Worst Album Covers here.

I would LOVE to make things a bit more interactive on site. Grab your digital camera, find a dodgy album cover - and send it in! Also - check the site up in the top right hand corner; add yourself too the Frappr map.

Do you have a listeners photo? Send it in so we can all see. Alternatively, if you're brave enough - send in your passport photo...

Also - do you have some genuine weird news articles? Send them into me - paul (at) podcastpaul (dot) com.

Come on - write and send in - you know you want to ...



Adrian Pegg said...

This is terrific Paul - great stuff.

Good luck tonight at Channel 4


Bernadette from Australia said...

Thanks for that laugh Paul.

It did get me thinking though. I know that religious folk are pure of heart and wise of thought and believe that their message is strong enough not to warrant money-wasting marketing but some of those are classic examples of why traditional churches are about being out of touch.

podcastpaul said...

Bernie - I think the Churchy ones are from the 70's mate!

;-) least I hope so!