Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Juke Pod Jury no. 5

Download the MP3 here

My old musician mate; Paul Hopkins ( joins me for the fifth Juke Pod Jury.

Paul and I chew the fat, tickle the ivories and listen to music from:

Editors - Bullets
*Sinister Dexter - Morenita
Joe Condiracci - There Will Be Love
*Nadir - All over you

Peggs Pick: *Murder The Stout - Nancy Whisky

* denotes downloaded from and courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network


Paul said...

Paul, Bullets by The Editors is outstanding. Surely this is one of those songs that we should be talking about over at Britcaster and bringing to listeners everywhere via the mag.

Off to search for them now.

podcastpaul said...

Oops... I didn't realise, but Adrian tells me they are a signed band who were at the top of the charts - ah pants, honestly didn't know.

It shows the benefit in downloding directly from sites such as PMN, Magnatunes and Garageband.

podcastpaul said...

Well, makes even more interesting listening to see who we liked!

Adrian Pegg said...

Unfortunately, as I've just told Paul, record companies think Editors are outstanding too. They are number 26 in the album chart at the moment and were number 9 last week. Whoops.

podcastpaul said...

How excellent is this? It's actually a track licensed under a creative commons!

Wow! It is podsafe, how excellent... I was about to otake it down.

Well played that band!

Adrian Pegg said...


Nice to know that bands on smaller labels are't excluding themselves from podcasts - even when they are chart-toppers...

James Hector said...

Another really great show, thanks.