Tuesday, February 21, 2006

podcastpaul podcast 100

Download podcastpaul podcast100 here (MP3)

Well, I made it to treble figures and joined the relatively small number of folks who've stuck at it, I don't make a big deal out of it though...

Some great chat and music as always - all songs from the podsafe music network:

Phisbacher - B Nice
Parlour Steps - Hero Villain
Agency - Liberate
Derek Silvers - Answering Machine
Negatones - Godfather


SWB said...

Ok, confess.... Which podcaster is missing a compressor currently in use by Paul?

stupod said...

The quality just goes up leaps and bounds. Well done fella. Happy 100th show.


p.s. Thanks for the props. I am well happy :D

Anonymous said...

Another quality podcast from the house of chaos and hair cuts.

Top Of The Pods said...


PodcastPaul STOP
Happy 100th Birthday STOP
Good Luck for the next century STOP
With Love STOP
Elizabeth Rex STOP
Queen of England STOP


bpende said...


100 Shows, more than a year, a new PodCast magazine!!!

You're an inspiration, me old china, is what you are. Rock on.

Anonymous said...

Would that be Mr Ron Bloom?

Bernadette in Australia said...

100 episodes! Well done Paul. I have loved every last one of 'em and send you hugs and kisses from across the ocean.

I noticecd your montetising rant and thought I'd tell you this little story about why it's so nice that you do your hobby for love. New Music Friday (inspired by the ecclectic mix of music you play on your show) has had some wonderfully unexpected outcomes in the office. One thing that happened is that my boss (formerly IT illiterate) bought himself an iPod then sat with one of our IT guys for 3 hours to learn about iTunes and podcasts and subscriptions and all that stuff. The IT guy told me he hadn't spent 3 minutes talking to the "big boss" in his 18 months here before that. And it turns out the boss (who was a bit of an enigma to us all before this) loves music of all kinds and is tripping over himself to sign up for all sorts of podcasts. He also told us that podcasts have given him something to talk to his teenage son about.