Tuesday, February 14, 2006

podcastpaul - podcast lecture for channel 4 ideas factory - creative hub

Last night I attended the Creative Hub - a forum for creative types put on by Channel 4 TV and the Ideas factory.

I was asked to lecture on what podcasting was - with a bent towards musicians. All manner of people were there who were creative; record label owners, musicians, directors, designers, etc etc.

I was able to put the Edirol recorder through its paces, and I have to say I'm dead pleased with the results.

Unfortunately I didn't get anything like the time I wanted as an IP / media lawyer just ahead of me ran over time.

This may be useful to some, or, frankly like teaching granny to suck eggs to a great deal of you.

You can download the MP3 here.

It's off listening back to yourself, some of the things I said made me cringe, I also have no idea why I introduce myself as a 'pretend lawyer' ?!? What on earth was all that about? I expect I didn't want folks throwing things at me...

A special thanks to Phil Coyne for coming out to support me. A lovely chap with an even worse sense of direction than me.


Paul said...

Well done Paul.

stupod said...

Great stuff. Well done fella.

The Edirol recording came out well. What a great bit of kit. Look forward to many more out-and-about podcasts