Wednesday, February 08, 2006

podcast 99 Dave Morgan and I chew the fat about his ELO days.

ELO just before going on stage at Stuttgart for the last gig of the 1986 tour: Lou Clerk, Richard Tandy, Martin Smith, Dave Morgan, Jeff Lynne, Mik Kaminski and Bev Bevan Photo courtesy of Dave.

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I have to say that this is one of my most enjoyable podcasts.

The Birmingham Rock scene is incredibly tight, my old mate; Dave Morgan played with, amongst others, the Move, Magnum (my childhood heroes) and ELO.

I play three of Dave's tracks; (1) Paradise Garden, (2) City Girl and an absolute belter; (3) God's good time - produced by and featuring Jeff Lynne.

I also play (4) Forget The Girl by Hollow Horse.

I've told Dave to stick his music up on the podsafe music network - I think it's ace, a great ELO feel to it and would love other folks to hear it. If you like it, mail Dave at and whinge to him until he puts his music up there! I'd love to see God's good time get masses of airplay, if you're a fan of ELO, I guarantee you'll love this.

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Colin Meeks said...

Great stuff. I sent Dave an email. It's funny I sent the email before the last track. I actually prefer the 2 non Jeff produced tracks and I usually like Jeff Lynne.