Sunday, February 05, 2006

podcast 98Classy British artists and one classy American Woman

Podcast 98 sees some of the best music I've played for ages, and they're all British.

Download the MP3 file direct here.

On the roll of honour, I play:

3 blind mice
Tom Robinson
Paul Rose

I talk to Linda Mills and discuss Christianity, the media and the Danish muslim cartoons.

3 Blind Mice and Tom Robinson courtesy of PMN, thanks to Paul for his CD nd direct permission.


Colin Meeks said...

Hey Paul. Canada isn't part of the UK either :-)


Bernadette from Australia said...

Do you ever sleep Paul? Podcast Paul shows, Jukepod Jury, Podlawyer and now the magazine...I'm tired just contemplating it all.

Just to let you know how far your influence spreads...I'm sitting at work playing my newly arrived 3 Blind Mice and Elana Arian CDs...everyone who comes into my office comments on the great music...none of which would be happening if it wasn't for YOU.

Cheerio from sunny Australia

podcastpaul said...

Hey Bernie, how was that Elana Arian CD? She sounds great, I think I need some calming music to break into my manic life!

I've just done a sound - seeing tour of the most bizarre place ever.... I won't reveal until maybe the next podcast, but it'll make you choke on your tea, I'll bet.

Cheerio from freezin' cold Britain.

Bernadette in Australia said...

I think the Elana Arian CD is fantastic Joni Mitchell before the drugs got to her. Her lyrics are pure poetry. Only 6 songs but they would chill you out :)

Can't wait to hear where you went

3 Blind Mice said...

hah! We've traced Bernadette back to Podcast Paul. Podcasting is definitely making the world smaller place.
Beautiful weather here in London now, Paul - I hope you're getting some of it too. Mind you, Australia would be a tad warmer.

Bernadette from Australia said...

Australia is beautiful and warm and sunny (29 C today) and would be a delightful place to tour at this time of year :)

I have instituted New Music Friday in our office...we have to bring in a song that everyone else wouldn't have heard...we are starting today with 3 Blind Mice (see I am working on the global domination thing)

3 Blind Mice said...

What a great idea, Bernadette!

podcastpaul said...

Dead right - I love the idea, and you'll see plenty more of "new music Friday" in the podcast user mag and definitely in the show too.

Well played Bernie!