Friday, August 31, 2007

Proud to be British?

....absolutely, but what an odd day.

From the seriously moving tributes of Prince Harry to the utter trite puerile nonsense of the Big Brother Final.

One remarkable woman whose memory will live on for an age to come, to a dozen or so nobodies who'll we'll struggle to remember in a fortnight.

On the one hand, poise, dignity and everything I love about the true meaning of what I believe is to be English first, British second, to the pathetic scrambling of wannabe z class 'celebrities, literally fighting for space on a very poor 'reality' show. I am so glad this trash finishes today as Sue has watched this nightly for what seems like decades.

How immensely proud I was to see the Queen, the Princes, the Union flags and pictures of the late, beautiful Diana.

How sickened I was to catch a glimpse of a dozen embarrassing idiots all believing they're Hollywood stars.

Talk about a game of two halves.......


Anonymous said...

Surely the whole Dianna fanaticism is an embarassing debacle in its own right, no better than the modern day "village idiots" that are paraded on BB?

Diana should have been left in DIGNIFIED peace 10 years ago in the true British tradition not turned into the obsessive cult it is now.

podcastpaul said...

...not so sure that can be right to be honest.

The monarchy had its darkest period for decades because they failed to provide a voice for the people at the time, popular demand from the nation saw two million descend into London for the Diana funeral.

Unfortunately, or fortunately as may be the case, Diana's memory was provoked not just by the popular press, but by the people who loved her.

I don't really understand the mechanics of how Diana came to be the phenomenon she was following her death, I just saw it unfold and happen.

Diana was so much to so many and involved in so much charitable work, people felt they needed to be there for her.

Diana's own sons have shown, ten years on that they themselves, her closest family wish her to remain in the public eye - and I for one am really glad about that.

Interesting debate, but one that's panned out to show a clear popular positive vote to keep her memory alive by those that loved her most. Not a bad thing at all.