Thursday, August 09, 2007


I'm going on holiday on Friday. These days I can't bear taking two weeks from work as so much can go on in a fortnight, so I stagger a couple of weeks over a month usually.

I'm not travelling too far, but I will be away with friends and my brother: Phil. Listen out for some podcasts on my return.


Anonymous said...

Paul - the last time I took 2 weeks off in a session was 4 years ago. It's a responsibility thing. my boss loses the will to live when I'm away!


podcastpaul said...

I know what you mean Jason - you're forever worrying about stuff too. I'm constantly on the phone sorting stuff out.

One year I used two fax rolls up at the hotel I stayed at and had wadges of faxes around the poolside twice daily. Utterly mental.

The only time I ever feel I can really relax is at Christmas. Everybody else is away at the same time then and I feel like I can truly get a rest.

You the same?

Anonymous said...

I'm not as bad as you but the buildings I design and manage are very much part of me and when holiday comes it is a constant worry as I don't want anything to do wrong.

I love those 2p machines as well.