Saturday, August 04, 2007

podcast159 podcastpaul come on England.....

Download podcast 159 direct from here (MP3) podcast 159
Hello / intro
Laurence Elder - mind has a mind.
Christians band - seem to be playing every other week - great to get kids involved in music. Supported The Orange Lights - one of the best bands I've seen in ages.
My ears!
Passed exams - amazing...... looking forward to final year - planning on a couple of recreational degrees......! Some do recreational drugs, I do recreational exams.... they're both hazardous to health
Dankelsco - utopian. I'm looking forward to the weekend - England v Wales ....... songsheets
What are you up to this weekend?
Horrible emails.......
Horrible weather
Terrible disaster in the US, Terrible flooding in the UK, disaster in Asia with the flooding
Howard Jones, Revolution of the heart - be there or be square, Sat and Sun 1/2 September
Ebay - I love it! bet there's good money to be made.
Search for Zen, Mangomad
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Jason said...

Paul - 4 kids a full time job, more exams, only early 40's and a fantastic podcast and time for your religion well it's superhuman. Do you see your wife? I think your just like me a man who is really alive and with that comes the ability and passion to take on the world, full on! Love the Blues....