Sunday, July 01, 2007

more scum

Glasgow and London were apparently targets by the extreme fundamentalist lunatics that try to disrupt our lives here in the UK.

I was heartened to hear one Mosque spokesman condemn the terrorists as 'misguided and unwanted'. Three cheers that man. We can live together - peaceably and we do. I get the impression that the majority of muslims - and at that the vast majority - are tired of folks acting in the name of their religion and using the tag 'religion' as an excuse.

This is nothing to do with religion, these people are criminals, nothing more.

I understand that the brainwashed idiot that failed in his attempt to commit suicide is alive but suffering terribly. Good. I hope he is in awful pain and will live with horrendous scars and suffer dreadfully for the rest of his days, shunned by everyone including his peace loving muslim brothers.

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