Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rocky, Rain and results

I have absolutely no idea why, but my kids seem hooked on the old Rocky films. Rocky II is on Sky plus again as I'm typing, and it's so corny... I'm not sure if there's a nostalgia for Rocky films generally, or it's just my kids. It's good wholesome fun I suppose, but there's more cheese than cheddar in it.

The rain here in the midlands has been shocking, I'm sure that most other folks across the UK who are reading this have had similar problems. 16 severe flood warnings have been issued across the UK with gridlock and chaos everywhere. Seems like I picked a great week to go camping.........

Happier news is the fact I got my results for this last year's post grad: two commendations in the two main graded papers with five passes on the ungraded modules. One final year, thank goodness......

By the way, thanks to all the folks for their comments / emails and calls following the last post, it's lovely to have some really good mates about.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

What happened to the Big Brother stuff this year? I'm glad your still podcasting and I can confirm I have listened to all your podcasts - most in the car - when is your firm going to make you a partner?

Jason Manc - Oxford (wet)

podcastpaul said...

hi Jase - BB is desperate mate!

I've one more year of my course left.... :-(