Monday, June 25, 2007

Podcastpaul podcast 158 - yes I am still here.....

Download the MP3 file here

Yes, it's a podcast! I am still here.........

Great music and chat with music from the inimitable Hollow Horse and Simon Apple


I ask what your simple pleasures are and wonder if teenagers are getting younger? (they seem to start at 11 or 12 now)

I love Asda..... more inside.....


tinnion said...

Hiya Paul

Life's busy isn't it! Glad to hear you back with a podcast fella.

I don't know about your parents, but I wouldn't dare give mine any back chat. I guess that was because my Dad was handy with a pair of slippers! :D

Today, I am far more relaxed around my parents and have long since made up for my mischievous teenage years :-)

All the best


podcastpaul said...

I;'m counting on that Geoff... just a few years to go now!

Hope to see you at the Podcamp in June mate.

tara a bit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

It's been a while and as somone who studied for 7 years just at Uni (plus 2 years at college) to be an Architect I know what you are going through.
Simple pleasures....well for me it is getting up before the kids, a quite coffee with my laptop listening to 5live or a podcast.
I love my simple pleasures as it's my time!
Jason (Manc - Oxford)

podcastpaul said...

Hey Jason!

Are you coming along to PodcampUK? It'd be great to meet you mate.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Paul, for playing our music once again on your show.

I admire the fact that you invest so much time in yourself with all your studies and everything. This is such a good thing, I know it's hard going, but it will eventually pay dividends for you and your family. Keep at it.

Yes, it would be great to finally shake your hand. We have a lot to thank you for.

All the best.


podcastpaul said...

Cheers Ken - brilliant to see you still around!