Saturday, January 13, 2007

some random thoughts on wonderful Friday

I am beginning to love Fridays. I love being with my wonderful kids. Tonight I spent just half an hour with Harry doing a Doctor Who word search - and we both loved it. Something so simple, costs nothing and something that was a lovely shared experience.

Earlier in the week, I spent some quality time with Christian, sat at the drum kit going through riffs and enjoyed that tremendously too. Work is something I used to live for - not anymore and I certainly am not going to live to work.

I actually quite like Beckham, he's a reasonable sort of bloke and doesn't seem to have the ego that most celebrities do. But paying this bloke half a million quid a week to kick a bag of air around a grass strip for 90 minutes troubles me.

I get paid well for what I do, and I work hard. My mum works much harder, she's nearly 60 and looks after and cares for the elderly at 5 pounds an hour.

What's the most important job of the three of us? David showing his athletic prowess for an hour an half, me professionally arguing for folks - some deserving, some not, or my mum, looking after and caring for the elderly, trying to give them some dignity in the last days of their lives.

My mum's treated like dirt at her job, but she does it as she sees it as a privilege to help the elderly folk. They love her, and she loves them. She sees her job as a vocation and does it without any thanks, any reward or anyone really noticing - apart from those she cares for. David is adored everywher he goes and treated like a star. Screwed up isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Well, I know who gets my vote and it's not you nor that daft footie player.


podcastpaul said...

hey Ken, got your pc sorted out now?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do - thank goodness. I was having withdrawal symptoms !
Thank you so very much for playing 'Forget The Girl' once again. It really means a lot to us that you show support for us in this way again and again. Thanks Paul.