Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I work in the beautiful, leafy suburb of Kenilworth. It's often the case that you can rush around and not observe things around you, or, more likely that you take them for granted.

I took my camera out yesterday at lunch time and decided to de-stress, relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings that were just a few hundred yards up the road.

It's great to take stock and just take a moment to look at what others wouldn't neccesarily take for granted.
Click on the picture to get a larger image. Copy them if you like them, they're not great, but the subject matter is lovely. It was a cold day yesterday and the camera seems to have picked that up with the vivid colours.


Anonymous said...

Yes I'll be able to pop out on my lunch break soon and gamble away my salary in Manchester's Super Casino. Ahhh progress....


Anonymous said...

All we need now is The Time Team to come along and dig it all up.

Dean Whitbread said...

very nice Paul