Thursday, January 25, 2007

Craving the weekend

The ludicrous 15 and 16 hour days continue. I'm going to meet myself coming back I'm so busy.

Incredibly, some law firms are laying people off, these, most notably are the big corporates that seek to dub themselves as the creme de la creme as they're losing the work.

Today I spent the day at trial with my very good mate, a QC who I've briefed on a really interesting trial. Because the trial has finished its first day, I can talk about it - it was held after all in open court so is now in the public domain.

My client - a relative of mine, is registered blind. The client attended a hotel specifically for the blind and fell down a 10 foot sheer drop within the grounds. The insurer admitted liability then reneged on it (you can these days, unfortunately).

The way that the insurer has dealt with the matter is just...breathtaking really. Today we had a surprise witness sprung on us - this after years of litigation. The day at court would be a best seller, there being so many twists and turns.

Waking up sweating at 4 in the morning is the normal fayre with these sorts of matters. If there's any justice in the world, we'll nail this shut. Watch out with insurers, they're quick enough to take the money off you, when it comes to paying out, they're pretty shy.

Tomorrow should see an end to it, I'm hoping to post a well deserved win.

I started at 8 this morning and finished at 9.45 pm this evening. Tomorrow looks the same. I crave the weekend.

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