Saturday, January 24, 2009

Social Media replacing old RSS feeds and Syndicated habits?

I'm just updating the blog and noticed that I tend to disregard it lately, most likely because I spend time on other social media.

I wonder if blogs have been hard hit by sites like Facebook, Twitter and the countless other sites? It's a question that must have been asked countless times.

I have to say that my blog and podcast following has been patchy, to say the least. I don't think I've necessarily had a change in direction, it's either a personal shift in habit, or, more likely a culture shift?

Speaking to an old online mate; Jeroen the other day I was heartened to hear that he doesn't bother with RSS feeds any more, rather he consumes at the PC. I have to say that I do exactly the same, but tend to be pretty random with the sites I visit.

I haven't bothered listening to many podcasts recently (apart from one or two old faithfuls) and wonder if mine and Jeroen's experience is something that we're all doing now?

If I tend to visit a site, it's because someone else talks about it, or links to it from a site.

What about you? Have your habits changed recently?

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