Saturday, January 17, 2009

podcast182 Interactive comments on the Gaza Strip & The Credit Crunch

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Today's show is great - because of the interactive comments of others, thanks so much for your contributions.

We look at the Gaza strip & The Credit Crunch

Music, courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network features:

Joe Carey


LA Big Daddys

Judith Owen

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Bernadette in Australia said...

I'm not sure anyone outside the Middle East has a right to an opinion on the Gaza issue. But it won't stop me giving mine either.

On the one hand I despair for the loss of innocent lives in Gaza but on the other I've not heard anyone say what alternative action Israel should take when it is being regularly bombed by Hamas. The audio you played with the arrogant chap saying "well no one was dying in Israel" is daft. Surely the fact that Israel has built infrastructure to deal with being bombed regularly (bomb shelters and the like) shouldn't be used against them. No one in the western media seems to condemn Hamas at all for their actions and their stated goal of wiping Israel off the face of the earth. Is Israel a worse offender because it is more successful at killing?

I don't know the answers either but I am heartily sick of the protests being organised around the world which are all so one-sided and offer no practical solution for Israel.

podcastpaul said...

Hey Bernadette! Great to hear from you mate.

The topic certainly was a sensitive one, and hopefully you will have borne in mind that I was simply courting comments.

I plan to record much more frequently than last year (fingers crossed) so will try and figure in your comments.

Great to know my old bud down in Oz is still listening! Hope the music choices are still doing it for you.



Matthew said...


The LA Big Daddy's would like to thank you very much for playing our track "the night time" on your podcast. Your comments were pretty accurate and I was delighted you enjoyed our rendition of this classic soul record.

I am also glad to have been made aware of your podcast and found it very interesting and topical.



podcastpaul said...

Hey Matt! Thanks for making the track available old mate, great sound - the brass licks are absolutely beautiful...!

Alex said...

WOW that's a great track by Sore! Hauntingly beautiful! Thanks for finding that and sharing... I *must* play that track in my next podcast!