Wednesday, December 31, 2008

podcast181 4 years and counting....

Download MP3 direct from here.

Hello! I've been podcasting for four years from yesterday. Blimey!

Great music as ever, hopefully the chat is as inspiring...

Dynamo's Rhythm Aces - click this link for their site
The Lichfield Chamber choir (live recording on Christmas eve)
Simon Apple click here for SA's site.
Hollow Horse - cracking Ken Little & Co Click for Hollow Horse at this link here
Roxy Perry - this woman is awesome. Click here for Roxy's site.

Thanks to everyone for listening to me - shout outs to some folks, apologies to those I missed - including Jason and Ed!

God bless, have a phenomenal New Year.

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Anonymous said...

Another fantastic show, Paul. The music, as always, was great - loved the Litchfield Chamber Choir. Uplifting.
I wish you, Sue and the family all the very best in 2009.

Thanks for all the support - in many ways.